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Mylan Celebrates EpiPen4Schools® Third Anniversary, Program Extension Encourages Anaphylaxis Awareness and Preparedness This Back-to-School Season
More than 56,000 schools have participated nationwide

HERTFORDSHIRE, England and PITTSBURGH, Aug. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, in recognition of the third anniversary of EpiPen4Schools®, Mylan N.V. (Nasdaq: MYL), the marketer and distributor of EpiPen® (epinephrine injection) Auto-Injector, has announced the program will continue through the 2015/2016 school year. This is the only program of its kind supporting access to epinephrine in the event a person experiences a life-threatening allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis, in the school setting. Since its launch in August 2012, more than 56,000 schools have participated in the program.


"As we reflect on the first three years of the program, we are proud of the progress made to enhance anaphylaxis preparedness in schools across the country," said Mylan CEO, Heather Bresch. "With more than 56,000 schools enrolled to date, we often hear about the impact this program has had in local communities. Up to 25% of anaphylaxis cases at school occur in those who have not been previously diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy, so we encourage eligible schools to enroll before students return this fall."

An exploratory, web-based survey of more than 6,000 schools participating in the EpiPen4Schools® program during the 2013/2014 school year found there were a total of 919 anaphylactic events among students and staff at 607 schools. In those events when an epinephrine auto-injector was used, nearly half (48.7%) were treated with an EpiPen® Auto-Injector provided by the EpiPen4Schools® program.

"This past school year, EpiPen® Auto-Injectors provided by the EpiPen4Schools® program were used in two incidents," said Connie Trent, RN, BSN, Health Services Facilitator, Forsyth County Schools, Cumming, Ga. "It is of utmost importance that school personnel are able to act quickly, and with the support and training resources provided through EpiPen4Schools®, our staff is prepared to respond."

Anaphylaxis is unpredictable, so it is important to be prepared with an anaphylaxis action plan that can be activated immediately and involves: avoiding allergic triggers, recognizing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, having access to two epinephrine auto-injectors, such as EpiPen® Auto-Injectors, at all times and seeking immediate emergency medical care should anaphylaxis occur.

As part of enrollment in the EpiPen4Schools® program, eligible* schools may choose to receive: 

  • Four free EpiPen® (epinephrine injection) or EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection) Auto-Injectors in the form of two EpiPen 2-Pak® cartons, two EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons, or one 2-Pak of each kind.
  • A convenient storage unit, the EpiLocker™, to store EpiPen 2-Pak® and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons received through the program.
  • Anaphylaxis: Know It. See It. Treat It. Training Video, which is available on DVD or for download and features an anaphylaxis overview from Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University and Lurie Children's Hospital, and a step-by-step demonstration of how to administer EpiPen® Auto-Injector.
  • EpiPen® Trainer, which contains no drug product or needle, to practice administering EpiPen® Auto-Injector.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis Poster, which is available for order and includes the most common indicators of anaphylaxis to support recognition of these symptoms and help prompt response in an emergency.

For more information about EpiPen® Auto-Injectors and the EpiPen4Schools® program, visit

Connie Trent is a spokesperson of Mylan. Dr. Ruchi Gupta is a paid spokesperson of Mylan.

*A school will only receive EpiPen® Auto-Injectors in accordance with all applicable laws. The school must submit a valid prescription in order to qualify for this program. There is no requirement for a school to purchase additional EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injectors or any other Mylan Specialty products.

EpiPen® (epinephrine injection) 0.3 mg and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection) 0.15 mg Auto-Injectors are for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) caused by allergens, exercise, or unknown triggers; and for people who are at increased risk for these reactions. EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® are intended for immediate administration as emergency supportive therapy only. Seek immediate emergency medical help right away.

Important Safety Information
EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injectors contain a single dose of epinephrine, which you (or your caregiver or others who may be in a position to administer EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr®) inject into the middle of your outer thigh (upper leg) (through clothing, if necessary). Get emergency medical help right away. You may need further medical attention. Only a health care professional should give additional doses of epinephrine if you need more than two injections for a single anaphylactic episode. DO NOT INJECT INTO YOUR VEINS, BUTTOCKS, FINGERS, TOES, HANDS OR FEET. In case of accidental injection, please seek immediate medical treatment. Epinephrine should be used with caution if you have heart disease or are taking certain medicines that can cause heart-related (cardiac) symptoms.

Tell your doctor if you have certain medical conditions such as asthma, depression, thyroid disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, have any other medical conditions, are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. Be sure to also tell your doctor all the medicines you take, especially medicines for asthma. If you have certain medical conditions, or take certain medicines, your condition may get worse or you may have longer lasting side effects when you use EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr®.

The most common side effects may include increase in heart rate, stronger or irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea or vomiting, difficulty breathing, paleness, dizziness, weakness, shakiness, headache, apprehension, nervousness or anxiety. These side effects may go away if you rest. Tell your health care professional if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away.

Please see the full Prescribing Information and Patient Information.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.

Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

For additional information, please contact us at 800-395-3376.

About Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that has many possible triggers, occurs quickly, without warning, and must be treated immediately with epinephrine. Symptoms may include hives, itching, swelling or redness of the skin, tightness in the throat, nausea, dizziness, breathing problems, a decrease in blood pressure and/or fainting. Anaphylaxis can be caused by triggers such as food, stinging and biting insects, medicines, latex or even exercise. While symptoms of an allergic reaction vary from person to person, reactions can quickly progress to become life-threatening.

About the EpiPen4Schools® Program
The EpiPen4Schools® program launched in August 2012 to help improve access to epinephrine in the event a person experiences anaphylaxis in the school setting. The program offers four free EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection) Auto-Injectors, upon qualification, which includes having a valid prescription, to public and private kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools in the U.S. The products are available in the form of two EpiPen 2-Pak® cartons, two EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons or one 2-Pak® of each kind. EpiPen® Auto-Injectors contain a single dose of epinephrine, which you inject into your outer thigh. EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® are intended for immediate self-administration as emergency supportive therapy only. Seek immediate emergency medical treatment after use.

In addition, Mylan offers a discount program through which schools can purchase, upon qualification, EpiPen 2-Pak® cartons and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons at a discounted price. There is no requirement for a school to purchase additional EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injectors or any other Mylan products.

For complete program details, visit

About EpiPen® (epinephrine injection) Auto-Injector
EpiPen® (epinephrine injection) and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection) Auto-Injectors are used for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions. Each EpiPen 2-Pak® and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® contains two single auto-injectors, instructions for use and a training device, with no drug product or needle, to help patients become familiar with the administration technique. EpiPen® Auto-Injector should be administered immediately at the first sign of an anaphylactic reaction. EpiPen® Auto-Injector is not a substitute for emergency medical treatment. Patients should seek emergency medical attention immediately following administration. EpiPen® Auto-Injector has been the No. 1 prescribed epinephrine auto-injector in the U.S. for more than 25 years and has three-step simple instructions for use. For more information about EpiPen® Auto-Injector, visit

About Mylan
Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in healthcare. Working together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high quality medicine, we innovate to satisfy unmet needs; make reliability and service excellence a habit; do what's right, not what's easy; and impact the future through passionate global leadership. We offer a growing portfolio of around 1,400 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. In addition, we offer a wide range of antiretroviral therapies, upon which nearly 50% of HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries depend. We also operate one of the largest active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and currently market products in about 145 countries and territories. Our workforce of more than 30,000 people is dedicated to creating better health for a better world, one person at a time. Learn more at

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